EN - Ann is a young woman without work and without direction. She is a disturbing element in a society that does not need her. Her displacement in society and a dangerous game lead to a tragical and irreversible event. Where are we driving to?


Title Yellow Paint
Original title Gele verf
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Shorts
Year 1994


Cast Sara De Roo, Gert Portael, Bert André, Greta Van Langhendonck, Nolle Versyp, Hilde Uitterlinden
Photography Glynn Speeckaert
Editing Erik Lamens, Gert Janssen
Art director Cécile Bourguet
Music Luk De Graaff
First assistant Wim Symoens
Camera assistant Patrick Delahu

Technical specs

Running time film 12’
Release format 16mm
Aspect ratio 1.66
Colour Colour



1995: the Netherlands Film Festival (NL); International Filmfestival Curtas Metranges of Sao Paolo (BR); International Filmfestival di Vicenza (IT); New Belgian Cinema Filmmuseum of Brussels (BE); International Filmfestival of Brussels (BE); International Molodist Filmfestival of Kyev (UA)

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Last edited on 26 June 2017

Short info

Director Erik Lamens
Producers Erik Lamens
Writers Erik Lamens

Sint-Lukas Brussels

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